Cloud Catcher


Recently I was rummaging through stacks of long forgotten bits of prose, poems and notes to myself, fodder for future stories.  Some material puzzled me; one in particular entitled Pica Luna.  Just a few terse hand-written lines to describe a young, brave, female Antarctic penguin and what event she was central in its happening.  I became all excited remembering what I considered a great idea with a pulsating plot and exciting dénouement.  Trouble soon reared its ugly head – for the life of me I couldn’t remember exactly what it was all about, no matter how hard I prodded my brain.  Damn, why didn’t I set down more copious notes? When I first had the idea it was so vividly clear I imagined a few lines would be sufficient to awaken my memory when time came to set it all down.  Unfortunately one thing led to another, two or three trips abroad, a markedly changed set of life circumstances and a dozen years later it resurfaces as an idea without flesh and blood, much like a ghostly appearance without earthly essence.  Never again will I be so prodigal with a good story in its early stages; henceforth I’d nurture the seed to harvest the good fruit.

Similarly I discovered an essay written by one of my former students.  Attractive and bright, she had a pronounced artistic bend and ultra-sensitivity that was almost palpable.  I was totally taken in by her tale, enraptured is not too strong a word and it became the genesis for one of my own ‘fairy tales’ that I would entitle ‘Little Lost Cloud’.  (Dear reader, you can find it elsewhere in this blog, under the general heading of Fables from the Moonlight Garden)

Once again reading her story over reawakened the enchantment and powerful emotions I’d felt the first time around.  With a very few judicious edits I offer it very much as it was offered to me.  Nami, it’s my way to express my gratitude for a short and sweet but memorable episode in my life.

4 responses to “Cloud Catcher

  1. Oh, okay. Is that good or bad? Are you telling me you LOVE clouds and they can do no wrong, or are you some kind of anti-cloud bolshevik?

  2. I loved this story! In the begining it, captured your attention. But then at the
    eend it was really surprising. It wwas CUTE!!!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Cloud Catcher as it is one of my favourite story. It was told to me almost as I’ve set it down, all the essentials are there and some years later I penned my own fairy tale, ‘Little Lost Cloud’ that you may enjoy as it owes it’s genesis in Cloud Catcher. I’m happy to report many years later I’m still in touch with the Cloud Catcher and she’s remains ‘pure in spirit’ a stellar quality all too often lost in adulthood.

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