The Day I Became a Hero by John-Michael Papirchuk

The Day I Become a Hero by John-Michael Papirchuk

The genuine account of ‘The Day I Became a Hero’ is a lesson of how quickly the fickle Lady Fame can turn a genuine hero to a zero in the blink of dark, almond eyes.  A hero’s status depends on the adulation heaped on him or her by appreciative fans, in my case my co-workers.  The same tale told to one who is pragmatic and having nothing to gain can elicit a much different response, if not of scorn then a decided lack of enthusiasm.  No praise or bravos, rather a noncommittal well, I guess you had to be there.  To think I’d believed for decades at least on one occasion I’d behaved in admirable fashion – hard cheese, I guess.

2 responses to “The Day I Became a Hero by John-Michael Papirchuk

  1. Well, a semi-hero anyway. You could have panicked and not acted quickly enough.

  2. Thank you for the semi-thumbs up – it occurs to me that a semi-hero equals a semi-zero. There must be a mathematical formula that proves the value of half a zero is twice as much as a single zero, hence a step up; or wait a minute, a double zero? The heart of the matter is I simply reacted motivated by fear alone. Dread of discovery, of losing my job, of shame and so many other jumbled thoughts urging me on to action. That’s the plain unvarnished truth!

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