Mack the Magpie by Jean-Michel Papirchuk

Mack the Magpie by Jean-Michel Papirchuk

Admittedly, this story has the power to elicit a wistful sigh from my heart. Certainly there’s joyful remembrance but more so, the realization that life could become a harsh reality even for a little boy who had until that episode known mostly blue skies above an insouciant head.  The hard lesson learned has been nurtured and acted upon since, and for that I can only be thankful for a significant chapter, poignant though it was, in my life’s yet unfolding story.

4 responses to “Mack the Magpie by Jean-Michel Papirchuk

  1. great story,would make an excellent children’s illustrated book.DEU…is a little dry to swallow but in general l’Anglais is OK

  2. Thanks for the suggestion however my own choice would be Little Lost Cloud, or perhaps even better, certainly more fun would be to illustrate A Many Wacky Tail. Imagine a metric ton of horse-shit cascading down on our hapless schnook? Followed by him wearing a snorkel mask and diving in after he’d had his ‘euraka’ moment. If I were a good enough sketch artist these are at least two of the images I’d choose to amuse my readers.

  3. Huguette Gingras

    very touching. you are Passion itself. Just love the way you write. Your photos are also as inspiring and ecstatic as your stories. Reading you I feel very inspired. Continue that beautiful creative energy.

  4. Your comments are graceful as befits your personality. Such praise indeed makes a writer keep on writing and if my photography is as good as you say, there will be many more photo essays to come. Merçi Huguette!

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