La Belle Dame en Rouge by John-Michael Papirchuk

La Belle Dame en Rouge by John-Michael Papirchuk

La Belle Dame en Rouge is a reminiscence of a youthful episode when I learned something profound about myself but the lesson didn’t become clear until many years had passed.  That incident predicted much of my future reticence towards accepting any kind of gift for whatever reason.  I hasten to add not out of a noble attitude or a superior code of conduct, but simply because I was loathe to accept that which I’d not earned through my own efforts.  And yet, there are surely times when it is the right thing to do, to allow someone the opportunity to offer a gift freely without expecting anything in return.  It’s always a conundrum for me but one that is worth resolving per each individual case.

4 responses to “La Belle Dame en Rouge by John-Michael Papirchuk

  1. Brilliant, mon ami! Such a memory for detail! We know of your first drinking escapade and now we know of your first love ‘affair.’

  2. Merçi for the praise: I jotted down on paper the gist of the story a long time ago, title included and I was really ticked of when some clowns stole my title for a movie, both in France and in Hollywood. I should have copyrighted the darn thing. Now it will be thought I swiped the title – there’s no justice in the world. The moral of the story is protect yourself at all times. As for ‘la belle dame’ in question she really was a dream apparition and I’ve since tried to extort a bit of what I missed, in affection only, of course, ever since from the sweet sex, the fabulous half of this world.

  3. By far the best for general consumption.A little short but I would not know what to add,other than more description of the broad as you had two sisters and it would have been easier and a little more about outside the store and adult briefly dreaming.How many times while being verbose you used “DEUCEDLY considerate” I was surprise by the number of time I saw your name while searching moon…. and maybe with perseverance someone in the business will spot your writing.Pray for USA enlightment for Canada your chances are only 10%.

  4. Thank you but I don’t think I can revisit the story – it is what it is. The lady in question was a perfumed flash; I can only think of her as an all too brief fairy tale apparition. I was so overwhelmed I could but glance at her and yet the sweet recollection of her will forever live in my imagination as ‘La Belle Dame en Rouge’. If only my other amours had lasted half as long.

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