An Owling Tale by John-Michael Papirchuk

AN OWLING TALE by John-Michael Papirchuk

An Owling Tale is the telling of a long forgotten episode that tormented my early years.  I was a sensitive lad who easily believed what he heard coming from an adult mouth; blind trust in an elder’s story was normal and doubt wouldn’t be contemplated, not for one second.  When an especially older and authoritative figure claimed that owls predicted death I had no reservation whatsoever over the veracity of that statement.  Hence, the sound or sight of an owl pierced me with dread for years to come.  It was palpable fear that haunted my nights – if only adults would take into account the presence of children instead of ignoring their existence much psychological harm would never take root.  Too bad the adult in question didn’t take heed of a very French saying when discussing delicate subjects, “Shush, pas devant les enfants.”  In other words take into consideration that children believe literally and fail to see the figurative in an anecdote.  This lesson I took to heart in my own dealings with children; if reading this true tale makes one adult more circumspect in the future, I’ll be satisfied it wasn’t  merely  a spooky event and my travails for naught.

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