“Never go on  trips with someone you don’t love.”                                                      Ernest Hemingway – ‘A Moveable Feast’

Paris by night is dazzling as a courtesan without being garish; enchanting as a demure debutante without ever becoming trite.  For young and old it’s a feast for the eyes, a boost to a weary spirit and gentle massage of the senses.  No need to identify the iconic images of the City of Lights, enjoy.

(NOTE: To improve your viewing experience click on the photos below to enlarge – once for medium, twice to zoom in.)

It’s worth mentioning each night, every hour on the hour there’s a zippy five minute laser show that elicits oohs and aahs from the shadows where you didn’t even suspect anyone was there waiting for the show to start.

Walk under and look up, only in this manner can you get a real idea of just how big and high the Eiffel Tower is; no wonder it dominates the skyline from almost any angle.  

Late into the night ‘bateau mouche‘ ferry enchanted tourists along the world’s most romantic river – the Seine of song and poems.

For my money nothing beats the Arc de Triumph at night and then a stroll down the Champs Elysées to check out the other tourists who are checking you out – harmless fun.

Notre Dame’s superb stained glass windows, especially moving at night when the muted whispers of visitors lend a serene, spiritual tone to the house of God.

Wandering at night somewhere not far from Parc Monceau, I was surprised to see an onion-domed church that serves Eastern rite parishioners.  I’ve got to find the name.

Style, elegance and class!

A show room on the Champs Elysées – the old boy displayed a je ne sais quoi that might be envied today.

Even a casual car fancier might fall for this one; fast and fancy, like a showgirl from the Moulin Rouge.

One last glance before heading to the hotel; after a long, pleasant stroll through the City of Lights sleep will come easy tonight.

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