Little Lost Cloud

Little Lost Cloud by John-Michael Papirchuk

The exciting, fraught with danger adventures of a wayward little cloud.  Opal is a small cloud  too adventurous for her own good as she always endeavors to wander away from the rest of the sky-bound flock of grazing clouds.  Eventually, as almost always happens to disobedient children, a blast of wind blows her away from the safe haven of the clan of family and friends.  She will endure frightening situations and yet also have a wonderful time meet new friends and eventually discovering her purpose in life.  At the end of much turmoil she will discover her rightful, precious role within the grand scheme of Mother Nature’s life-giving laws. Dear Reader, find yourself a mossy place in the shadow of a protecting tree and gaze up at the sky.  See which of the passing clouds might be Opal and Snowball.   Give a cheer and a hurrah for the brave twosome.  Next time a drop of rain falls on your cheek be gentle in wiping it away, no, better still, just let the cool mist drop on your tongue.  You’ll never again carry an umbrella for the rest of your life.

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