Monthly Archives: January 2012

A splendid day to one and all!

I want to share the short stories and fairy tales I’ve created over the past few years. I  believe there’s something for everyone to enjoy reading and in some minor ways lessons to be learned in easily digestible doses of light-hearted pearls of wisdom. Since early on in my life I’ve developed the certainty that adults aren’t anywhere as clever as they’d like to imagine and children are far more lucid and perceptive than given credit.  My tales and short stories are written with the single-minded purpose to praise youthful innocence, have fun exposing the foibles of adults and do it all with imagination acknowledging my own unabated childlike spirit to this very day.  In a sense I’m fulfilling a solemn promise made to  myself that I’ll never ‘grow up’ as ordered to do by the adults in my entourage.  Promise made, promise kept!